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Shrinkwrap is the best means of protecting your boat from acid rain, snow and ice. All films have UVI protection ( ultra violet inhibitor ) to prevent the polyethylene from breaking down from exposed ultraviolet rays. It also has EVA ( ethyl vinyl acetate ) added to the film to keep the polyethy soft and flexible in subfreezing temperatures.

Shrinkwrap film is a heavy duty shrink polyethylene available in white, blue and clear. White is most popular in Rhode Island, which is the color we provide to our customers. It is acceptable looking in neighborhoods. Because it is translucent, it provides comfortable light when your working inside your boat. Blue is the most popular up north. It will heat up better then white when the sun shines on it which melts the snow quicker. Clear is most popular with boat sales and live-aboard's. It allows customers to view the boat and gives the people who live on their boat light.

We have wrapped hundreds of boats throughout the years.